Genius Hour Reflection

For my Genius Hour project, I decided to learn how tomake the “perfect” cupcake. I really like to bake, but what I bake does not always turn out the way I would like it to. Since there were many flaws in my baking, I was really interested to see what the base ingredients in batter are, so I could potentially make the best simplest version of a cake. Throughout the process, I a lot during this project, but the key things I learned is that for a cake, there has to be some certain ingerdients; which are: flour, sugar, butter and egg(s). I also learned that for icing, there are thousands of different and varied recipes to choose from, but most flavours of icing use the same ingredients, (powdered sugar, milk, vanilla extract and butter) except you have to add the destinct flavour. That’s key because there are lots of dessert books and websites for icing, and they publish complicated recipes for somethings that could be so simple – like icing. Based on my learning and effort, I think I deserve between an 85 and 90%. I put in a lot of my effort into the presentation slide- with pictures and text, although I finished my project and reseach in class, I made the cupcakes and iced them and even took pictures for each step I completed for my project; though I don’t think baking cupcakes helped my class or the world in any means. Next time, for my Genius Hour project, I would choose a completely different topic and practice my confidence with my project whist presenting. Possible future topics could be: famous soccer players and their statistics, traveling, or even types of photography.

Here is my project:

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  1. I love your recipe for cupcakes. It is very detailed and step-by-step. I can definitely use this next time I go to make some delicious cupcakes.

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