Race For Success

Student 1(Student 1)


It has always been a race; a comparison against each other. It has always been the same goal – for everyone- to be the best and have the best grades possible. I will tell you that it is not easy, this competition. For example, last year, I did not even know I was in the race until my peers were already assuming I would get an exceeding grade. I enjoyed getting good grades, but did not want to be the one who everyone expected to over-achieve. I was often stressed but I balanced it out with friends, sports, and Student Council. Being stressed is a given when you are a student- there is not way to escape it. The work piles overflow and schedules will become overbooked, but there is a way to be successful and have a great time!

  • Always do your best! – sounds cliché, but if you just rush through everything, it won’t be up to your full potential.
  • Have a goal – is it to get good grades, or to mess around?
  • Ask questions
  • Follow your interests – have a certain talent/passion? Pursue it!
  • Lead, don’t follow

images-1 (Student 2)


Hopefully this list is going to be useful and you’ll turn from student 1 to student 2! To learn more,visit:



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