Otter Lake Swim

I know that during the sumer, you are not really supposed to think about school or the future. We’re just supposed to live life and enjoy our time. I find that not very interesting for the whole 8 weeks of summer vacation- I have to be able to have a goal or something to strive for. Always. When I was at camp in Canada, it was on a lake. There was an option to sign up to do a 2 – 2.5 km swim from an island. Knowing myself, I signed up. To be able to participate, I first had to swim 200 laps of a 25 meter area. I finished my laps, and found two friends to canoe me to the island the next day. The evening wind was chilly and no one was in the mood to swim, but we all jumped out of the boats and into the water anyway. As I swam I could see the other canoes and splashes indicating swimmers behind me. As the island grew smaller in the distance and the camp docks grew closer, my speed increased. Finally I climbed onto the docks and saw the whole camp standing by the boardwalk, cheering. I was the first swimmer of the session and my time: 15:15 was one of the top 7 times since 1994. I was really happy and proud and it made me remember that I can acomplish anything if I try and that I always have support behind me – so does everyone.