Irish Cuisine

The Irish LOVE food. We love having friends and guests over for the biggest meal of the day.  We mostly invite guests over to show off our cooking skills. Almost every dinner would include a side of potatoes -steriotype, I know- baked or mashed, bread, but most frequently vegetables like peas or cabbage. In Ireland, the one of the most traditional dishes is Irish Stew. It is made usually on a weekend becuse it takes a while to cook and a bunch of ingredients to make, but it’s worth it!  It is made with potatoes, carrots, lamb or beef, onions and fresh herbes. Bread and butter are complimented with this delicious meal because the potatoes are already incorperated.

Here is a website to see the recipe for Irish Stew.


No meal in Ireland is fully ready to be presented unless the plates have been heated in the oven and the food has a sprig of parsley, basil or corriander for a pretty garnish.



For Irish dessert, it is very common to  make something simple and not so sugary. Usually it is a small bowl of vanilla ice cream or yogurt and berries- nothing too over the top after a big dinner.



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Genius Hour Reflection

For my Genius Hour project, I decided to learn how tomake the “perfect” cupcake. I really like to bake, but what I bake does not always turn out the way I would like it to. Since there were many flaws in my baking, I was really interested to see what the base ingredients in batter are, so I could potentially make the best simplest version of a cake. Throughout the process, I a lot during this project, but the key things I learned is that for a cake, there has to be some certain ingerdients; which are: flour, sugar, butter and egg(s). I also learned that for icing, there are thousands of different and varied recipes to choose from, but most flavours of icing use the same ingredients, (powdered sugar, milk, vanilla extract and butter) except you have to add the destinct flavour. That’s key because there are lots of dessert books and websites for icing, and they publish complicated recipes for somethings that could be so simple – like icing. Based on my learning and effort, I think I deserve between an 85 and 90%. I put in a lot of my effort into the presentation slide- with pictures and text, although I finished my project and reseach in class, I made the cupcakes and iced them and even took pictures for each step I completed for my project; though I don’t think baking cupcakes helped my class or the world in any means. Next time, for my Genius Hour project, I would choose a completely different topic and practice my confidence with my project whist presenting. Possible future topics could be: famous soccer players and their statistics, traveling, or even types of photography.

Here is my project:

Family Day at the Beach

One of my favourite memories with my family was when we were in Ireland a few years ago for my Grandmother’s 70th birthday. My Grandma has a summer house right by the beach in the south of Ireland; so for her party the whole family (15 kids and 10 adults) drove down and surprised my Grandma. As cousins, we always get along so well even though we see each other a couple times a year. We ate cake and wandered down to the beach. My younger cousins found a huge blob on the beach, near the edge of the water and picked it up in a bucket. After a long day of beach soccer, body surfing and lying on the beach, we decided to head home. My cousins brought the blob to further examine it in a bucket. The blob turned out to be hundreds of tiny jellyfish! It was too late to take them back to the beach, so we burryed them in the garden. My aunt was painting her toes a bright pink while there was still some sun outside so, when she was finished, we took the nail polish and on a large stone beside the “grave” for the burryed jellyfish; we wrote ‘RIP’ and our names on the stone.

That night, we all slept over in the too small house so we doubled up on rooms and beds until the morning. Of course no one actually slept, because what do cousins do when they’re together? We laugh!

I’ll never forget that time in Ireland -mostly beacause gravestone is still in the garden.


Race For Success

Student 1(Student 1)


It has always been a race; a comparison against each other. It has always been the same goal – for everyone- to be the best and have the best grades possible. I will tell you that it is not easy, this competition. For example, last year, I did not even know I was in the race until my peers were already assuming I would get an exceeding grade. I enjoyed getting good grades, but did not want to be the one who everyone expected to over-achieve. I was often stressed but I balanced it out with friends, sports, and Student Council. Being stressed is a given when you are a student- there is not way to escape it. The work piles overflow and schedules will become overbooked, but there is a way to be successful and have a great time!

  • Always do your best! – sounds cliché, but if you just rush through everything, it won’t be up to your full potential.
  • Have a goal – is it to get good grades, or to mess around?
  • Ask questions
  • Follow your interests – have a certain talent/passion? Pursue it!
  • Lead, don’t follow

images-1 (Student 2)


Hopefully this list is going to be useful and you’ll turn from student 1 to student 2! To learn more,visit:

http://  Continue reading “Race For Success”

Otter Lake Swim

I know that during the sumer, you are not really supposed to think about school or the future. We’re just supposed to live life and enjoy our time. I find that not very interesting for the whole 8 weeks of summer vacation- I have to be able to have a goal or something to strive for. Always. When I was at camp in Canada, it was on a lake. There was an option to sign up to do a 2 – 2.5 km swim from an island. Knowing myself, I signed up. To be able to participate, I first had to swim 200 laps of a 25 meter area. I finished my laps, and found two friends to canoe me to the island the next day. The evening wind was chilly and no one was in the mood to swim, but we all jumped out of the boats and into the water anyway. As I swam I could see the other canoes and splashes indicating swimmers behind me. As the island grew smaller in the distance and the camp docks grew closer, my speed increased. Finally I climbed onto the docks and saw the whole camp standing by the boardwalk, cheering. I was the first swimmer of the session and my time: 15:15 was one of the top 7 times since 1994. I was really happy and proud and it made me remember that I can acomplish anything if I try and that I always have support behind me – so does everyone.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal where the blogger can write whatever they want or feel. Some people make blogs about food; clothes; their travels – or just their daily feelings.

For us, since we’re in a class, we’ll probably write about our days and work or have certain academic assignments like writing about our opinions on a book or a report. (or another topic) These blogs probably will revolve around our other classes.